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The Social and Behavioural Data Science Centre aims to develop data science consultancy for students and staff at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. Please read about our current consultancy operations below.

About us

The Social and Behavioural Data Science Centre (SoBe DSC) is developing an infrastructure for data-science consultancy.  For students and staff at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences (FMG) who are working on (or beginning to initiate) research projects with a data-science component, our goal is to provide some forms of assistance, listed below. The SoBe DSC’s Consultancy Team has representatives from each of these domains, whose areas of expertise are listed here

  • Consultancy Operations

    Consultation consists of advice about a data-science topic, and the types of advice sought could have quite a broad range.  For example: 

    • Finding an appropriate research design or statistical method to answer a research question 

    • Inquiries about using statistical software (e.g., writing syntax or interpreting output) 

    • Power analysis and sample size planning 

    • Brainstorming about data visualization 

    • Exploring cutting-edge data-science methods (e.g., natural language processing, AI, neural networks, machine learning) 

    This list is not exhaustive, and our data consultancy team is interested in discussing any data-related topics about your specific research project or idea.  

    Researchers interested in applying advanced statistical and data-science methods in a project sometimes seek a methodological expert to contribute as a long-term collaborator (e.g., to help run the analyses, to explore alternative analytical approaches, or even to develop a new method tailored to address a specific complexity).  Although this falls outside the scope of consultation, the consultancy team can help locating possible collaborators in the FMG’s network of data scientists.

  • Consultancy Services for FMG Staff and Students

    Are you a researcher employed by UvA’s FMG?

    Please visit our staff website to find details about our service.

    Already read about us?

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    Are you a student of an FMG programme?

    Students of FMG programs can seek assistance at the Methodology Shop: a consultancy service offered by students of the Department of Psychology’s Behavioural Data Science Master.  Here, UvA students can get statistical advice for their research projects.  Students can indicate their own program of study at the link, which may direct students to other domain-specific resources (e.g., students of Communication Science can seek help at the Methods Desk organized by that domain). 

  • External Contracts

    Participants in the SoBe DSC can assist organisations and researchers outside of the University of Amsterdam with setting up and implementing data science projects. For example, researchers in the SoBe DSC have

    To inquire about what the SoBe DSC can do for your organisation, you can provide some cursory information via: